Bald Mountain Air Service: Fleet

We have aircraft to match your aviation needs

From frozen lakes on the north slopes of the Brooks Range to municipal airports, we provide complex aviation solutions for every need. BMAS is a fully-implemented Aviation SMS participant audited by several contractors.


Our fleet has been chosen for its dependability and versatility in performing a wide range of missions that cannot be duplicated by any other aircraft. Each airplane is specially outfitted to meet the safety, comfort, and functional requirements necessary in Arctic environments. BMAS maintains fixed based facilities in Homer, Anchorage and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Depending on client needs, additional operational bases can be arranged at serviced airports or remote field locations.


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DeHavilland Twin Otter
Photo by Les Bouma
Sunset over Beluga Lake
Photo by Les Bouma

BMAS Fleet

Beechcraft King Air 200

    • N74GS Twin Engine, Turbo Prop, B200

    • Multi-engine turbine

    • 9-passenger corporate charters

    • Based in Anchorage, Deadhorse & Homer

    • Long-range: Alaska, Lower 48 & Canada

    • Safe and comfortable

    • Rural airport capability


    DeHavilland 400 Twin Engine Otter

    • N729BM Turbo Prob, DHC-6

    • 19-passenger
    • STOL

    • 500 gallon bulk fuel delivery system
    • Cargo doors with combination passenger and cargo configurations

    • Oversize landing gear for rural off-airport locations including gravel bars and beaches

    • Authorized for extended over water operations
    • Bubble windows, computer powered port & intercoms for crew communications and survey operations

    • Dual GPS integrated avionics
    • Camera hatch

    • IFR

    • LPV capability

    • Two pilot crews available

    • Certified for operations in icing conditions


DeHavilland Single Engine Otters
• N104BM Turbo Prop, DHC-3
• N413JP Turbo Prop, DHC-3
• 10-passenger
• Dual GPS integrated avionics
• LPV capability
• Camera hatch
• Floats, skis, wheel-skis and wheels