Katmai Brown Bear Viewing | A Typical Day in August

When bears leave Brooks  River at the end of July, we will access Moraine Creek. This area is farther from the ocean so it takes longer for the salmon to get there. By late July, the fish will start to arrive. This trip has some of the world’s best bear viewing, but you have got to do a little walking. We have two options for access: one is a short mountain lake that takes the right wind to get into. If the wind is not favorable, we go to Crosswind Lake.

Quite often, we can land at Crosswind. From there, the premier viewing spots are about a mile and a half away, down a steep cut-bank and across the river. Bears can be spotted anywhere. We move slowly and stop along the way to take pictures.

The walk requires some physical exertion, but is not uncomfortable for people in fair condition. With all the excitement and the beauty around us, the walk does not seem so long. You will be rewarded with lots of bears!

The creek bottoms are filled with alder brush, but there are plenty of locations close to the water where we can sit and have great views of the bears. Be prepared to bring warm, weatherproof clothes and insect repellent. You will be wearing hip boots and do not forget to bring rain pants.

Once in a while, we may go to Geographic Harbor in August. It is located right across from Kodiak Island. Geographic is a gorgeous bear viewing location on the Katmai coast. Both destinations are the trip of a lifetime.

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Published by Jorden

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