Bald Mountain Air Goes All Turbine

Why are we so excited?

When you fly with us, you’ll be flying in the “Rolls Royce” of Alaskan bush planes. These DeHavilland Otters have been converted to the latest Turbine power, the most dependable engines installed in any aircraft.

Our investment in each of our DeHavilland Otters is $1,500,000. Our competitors operate piston powered airplanes that cost about $100,000. We could buy 15 of their airplanes for the cost of one of ours.

Why do we have aircraft like this?

Safety. First and foremost. Our new avionics packages cost more than their whole airplanes. Why do we have these expensive avionics? To safely navigate Alaska’s ever changing weather and mountainous terrain. The information from this new system is overlaid onto a real time map and is monitored by our flight-following department any time we have an aircraft in the air. Day or night, 365 days a year.

Why is this important?

Bald Mountain Air Service takes you and your family into the wilds of Alaska. You’ll fly 90 miles over some of the most remote waters in the world. It’s important you travel in the best airplanes with the newest navigational equipment available. Safety is what Bald Mountain Air is all about. Watch an episode of “Coast Guard Alaska” on The Weather Channel, and you’ll get an idea of why safety is so very important to us.

Bald Mountain Air invests
in safety. Always.

We use our vast expertise in flying bush Alaska for over 40 years on each and every flight. We are dedicated and we are safe. Aviation in Alaska is steeped in history and historic Alaskan bush pilots took huge risks. That was the old days, not today.

Why we’re different

When Bald Mountain Air flies over Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska in our turbine powered, float-equipped DeHavilland Otters, there’s nothing safer in the Alaskan skies.

We are required by the FAA, NOAA and other federal agencies to go through the same safety checks as all commercial air carriers in the U.S such as Alaska Airlines and Delta to name a couple. We are absolutely methodical and adhere to every safety standard required. In fact, we go above and beyond the requirements with our own even more rigorous standards.