Bald Mountain Air Service: Facilities

Bald Mountain Air Service owns and operates two hangars for maintenance and flight services. Our main base of operations is at 3758 FAA Rd., Homer, Alaska 99603. This is a newly-constructed 12,800 sq.ft. facility that houses our primary maintenance facility and corporate offices.

The second hangar is located at the Deadhorse Airport in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Constructed in 2005, this 11,000 sq. ft. maintenance hangar facility features a 13-bed camp and is fully self-contained with its own water and sewer system. The 9,200 sq. ft. hangar has a new concrete floor and HVAC system.8 a.m.–5 p.m. Mon.–Fri.

Electrical power is taken from the North Slope grid and is supplemented by our own standby generators for reliability. This facility also houses the BMAS North Slope Operations Management Offices, kitchen, dining room and living quarters for our Arctic operations and associated personnel. The office has assorted fax machines and high speed internet. Our hangar in Deadhorse is complete with an extensive inventory of support equipment:

• Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader with buckets and forks
• Caterpillar propane fork lift
• 1-ton Ford Pickup with 150 gallon Jet A Tanks
• Several 300,000 BTU diesel-fired aircraft heaters
• Electronic scales for freight weigh-in
• Waiting room with chairs, bathroom, television
• Outdoor vehicle plug-ins
• Complete inventory of aircraft maintenance equipment